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Shenzhen Office Add:Room 505,Building A,Zhihuichuangxin Center, Qianjin 2nd Avenue,Baoan District,Shenzheng,Guangdong,P.R.C.
Factory Add:No.2.Shengshi Road.West of Industrial Park,De'an County.Jiangxi Province.P.R.C.


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Corporate Culture

1Management Philosophy

Has a strong ability to adapt to customers.Ability to make rapid mass production products.Efficient cost control..

2Our Strategy

Continuous improvement, people orientation, carry on all-round Trainning and education to the staff.

Strengthen the standardization  and management system during the process of operation and manufacturing.

We will provide good quality products and best service to our customers  by using our advanced technology equipment.

3Human Resource Strategy

Respecting talents, using talent, perfect training system ,outstanding management and technical team.


Jiangxi GT DISPLAY Co., Ltd.  Contact phone number: (+86)0792一4661927

Address:No.2,Shengshi Road,West of Industrial Park,De'an County,Jiangxi Province,P.R.C. 备案号:粤ICP备13038986号